Fourth Blog, Archive Fever

Considering the Archive and Derrida’s idea of Archive Fever, it makes you see a lot of things around you that you never even noticed before, not that they didn’t exist I just hadn’t thought of them in terms of publishing or the archive.

Really archive was just a word to me, i never actually thought of it as a concept or having the social implications that it does.

Considering the archive and its construction of identity, it hard to tell whether we are responsible for constructing the archive or it constructs us and our identity. I think that it is ultimately up to the context of the archive itself.

If you were the actual creator of an archive, like your notes held in your phone or the notes that you take in a notebook, then you are obviously the creator of the archive and are in charge of what it beholds.

However, if you are accessing archives that were created by others and consuming the information or substance within these archives, like a public library, then the archive could be seen to have significant impact on the construction of your identity.

Derrida’s Archive Fever highlights how archives can have significant impact on the cultural importance of information or things and implications for the flow of power within society.

If i am to create an archive that details information about myself, like Facebook for an overused example, i am determining what i want people to be able to learn about me and not including what i do not wish the to know.

IN a wider context, the inevitable exclusion of certain information by the creator of an archive creates a top-down power structure in which the creator holds the power over what information is to be published and what is able to be retrieved.

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