Fifth Blog, Infotention

Rheingold’s concept of ‘Infotention’ has deep implications for my understanding of the archive.

Whereas my understanding of the archive defines it as any place or thing in which information is stored, ‘Infotention’ makes it seem like all the information in the world has started to jump out at us, to the point where we need an inbuilt filter to syphon out all the crap that is out there.

Where formerly we had to seek the information in the archive, now we must repel unwanted information and in esence archive ourselves for what we wish to know and what we do not wish to know.

Just a thought.

I wasn’t really aware of what metadata was until the lecture and it is a weird thought that even as i type this now i am leaving behind a stream of information that paints an online picture of me.

I found the concept of the archive being destructive of the past intriguing, that the photography of an event changes it.

My parents archive photos of me and my sister when we were children and have many photos of things i don’t remember. I look through the archive (photoalbum) and use it in order to construct a picture of what my childhood was like.

If my childhood was archived with the media technology that is currently available, would i have a different retrospective experience of my childhood? The manner in which an event is documented, or series of events, can be detrimental or essential to how the event itself is remembered.

My childhood is not a series of photographs yet i rely on them for my interpretation of my childhood.

Still dwelling on this idea.

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