Sixth Blog, Visualisation and My Presentation

Our data visualisation

Me and Matt, my presentation partner, created this visualisation from primary data we collected on how many people crossed the road at the traffic lights in comparison to how many people jaywalked.

We thought that this traditional form of data visualisation was helpful in wholly and comprehensibly communicating the information that we had obtained.

I collected data for an hour between 9 and 10 am, whereas Matt collected data between 2 and 3pm. This allowed us to have information that represented two busy times of day, one where people were arriving by bus to enter the university, and another where people were crossing the road as they exited university.

I think that our data visualisation communicates the information in a way that is easy and familiar to follow, and it encompasses information from different times of day and presents it in a manner that can be consumed by the eye in one look.

Although this event would have existed if we had not recorded it, i think that our visualisation captures the event and in a sense creates the comparison. The contrast between jaywalking and crossing at the lights at these times of day did not exist and was not accessible to people who were not there at the time.

Since we published this visualisation, the information is now readily available.


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