Eighth Blog, Aggregation

If I were trying to relate the processes of distribution and aggregation to my own life the most basic example I could think of would be my tendency to aggregate as much information as I can onto my phone.


I aggregate platforms through which I am able to archive information that is relevant or useful to me and ultimately the platforms allow that information to traverse across a multiplicity of other platforms.


I have a facebook application, which by itself (and rather annoyingly) tries to aggregate information about me in order to distribute to third parties, and I use this app to collate the details of people I may need to contact for university, as well as being able to keep in touch with my friends and distribute and publish things to them that I want them to see.


When I open up other applications on my phone they also attempt to have me connect my activities with that app to my facebook app and inform me about how I can aggregate my usage of that app into my facebook account.

This gives me the shits big time, and so I aim to filter and customise these applications so they don’t constantly bug me with trying to collate data about me.


I think I was most successful by deleting my facebook app altogether, however now I cant use many of my other applications because I wont allow them access to my information.

My ability to aggregate and utilise platforms has been limited by my refusal to share my information without friction.


Essentially, platforms have us moving away from the single document, but I have come to think of my phone as the ‘new connected document.’ It is still a static thing in my mind because I can hold it in my pocket and its always there, but at the same time it is linked across multiple aspects of my life and allows me to simultaneously receive and contribute to these different areas.


I am not sure if I am wrong in thinking that although we have progressed from the static document, perhaps our notions of the document have also changed to accommodate platform technology.

Although I am aware that the move to the platform has pretty much been superseded by a move to baseless information distribution and ubiquitous computing.


I thought it was quite a lovely way to summarise the notion of a platform in the lecture by thinking about the alphabet as being a platform for expression.

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